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 The Law of Attraction states that things that are alike are drawn to each other. Logically, if your thoughts are of a negative nature, and since thought is what preceedes our experiences, the result will be that negative experiences will dominate our reality. Simple, isn´t it?
So the question would be, why on earth the Law of Attraction doesn´t work with me if I´m always trying to be positive? The answer could be encaptuled in a simple word: ´but´.

Let me give you an example, lets say that someone decides to use the Law of Attraction to get a home by the beach. His salary is very far away from even attempting a home improvement or renovation of furniture in his own home, however, this man uses the ´faith´needed to attract what he wants. His faith is strong and he keeps repeating positive affirmations and collecting pictures of his ideal home by the beach. However, everytime he gets his paycheck his stomach churns and gets a feeling of defeat that is very difficult to shake off. Yes, he desires a home by the beach, BUT his salary tells him that it´s almost impossible to achieve. That BUT is what we refer to as resistance. Everytime he thinks about his dream home he gets a bad feeling, like he will never be able to achieve something like that.

This is where CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) plays a very important part in our feeling better, being healthier and stopping our resistance. You convert a psychotic demand for your ideal home into a healthy wish.You would very much like to acquire your desired home by the beach, but you understand that if that doesn´t happen it´s not the end of the world. Your needs are still being met everyday and you can still lead a happy and fulfilling life withour that house. Negative feelings recede giving way to a sense of relief, or might be entirely gone if you practice living with these new thoughts. You start to enjoy what you already have, and are grateful for it. You realise that you don´t need much to create a happy life with your current circumstances. You find joy in living simply.

Once you feel a bit less resistant, then you can look at your posibilities realistically and make a plan to attract your house by the beach accordingly if you still want it. This is when ´faith,´or living ´as if´comes into play. Also, you take realistic steps towards your dream with the help of your plan. Do you need to earn more but are in a dead end job? Do you need to improve your skills or qualifications? Perhaps you could do a course online if you couldn´t physically go back college. If you pay attention to life and its signs, you will see the Universe will start giving you hints about what is the logical next step to take in order to achieve your dream. Suddently you will attract people and circumstances that will help you in your endeavour. All of the sudden, life becomes almost magical.

 Lets have a look at the very important points to work towards and attract your dream:

Think about your desire. Are your current circumstances supporting the possibility of having your wish met at the moment? If the answer is ´no´ and you start feeling bad or restistant look at sencond point.
Instead of feeling discouraged and resistant towards the realization of your dream, think healthily, what you need is not a psycotic demand to the Universe, instead, make a healthy wish, that if never ever came to pass, would hardly mean the end of the world.
Now that your looking at your wish under a realistic light, it is the time to make a realistic plan, with small steps, that would get you closer to your goal.
Now that your plan is set, you need to start living ´as if.´How would you really feel if you were in posession of that wonderful home by the beach? Visualize, live there in your imagination, the more you use your visualisation trying to feel what your new life would look like, the more the attraction will be set in motion. Circumstances will miracoulosly start to fall into place so that you can carry out your plan, step by step.

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